Irena Markovich
Irena with her beloved wolfdogs, Maya 5/7/2015 - 9/12/2021, and Altai 1/12/2009 - 9/1/2020.

Irena Markovich, M.A., is an award winning photographer with personal attachment to the wolves, mountains, oceans and coffee.

Over the past decade she has been active in lifestyle, travel, fashion and food photography, being published over 100 times in Cosmopolitan, Harper Bazaar, Dog Eyes Magazine, Image Amplified, Face On Magazine, and others.

She is currently living in Croatia with her dog Aska from a Rescue Station while capturing pictures of everything around, enjoying the Mediterranean Sea, and making candles with crystals for Yemaja Design Studio.

“I picked up my camera the moment I realised I wanted to stop the time from stealing precious moments from my memory.”