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Wolf Heart in All of Us

written by Irena Markovich July 28, 2017

Last Saturday Altaj, Maya & I visited Sumava National Park. It was a very first trip Altaj participated alongside and since I’m planning on including this gorgeous fella in all our daily life activities, it was about time we started roaming the planet together. I also invited Ivan, a leader of Wolf Heart Association to join us since he was in Czech Republic and it it was a privilege to show him around.

Plesne lake doesn’t need much introduction. It’s one of the most known iceberg lakes in Sumava while being least “touched” by a human hand. Thanks to that you can see a natural variety of flora and fauna in the area, even if it served as a main water supply for wood transportation in Schwarzemberg canal.
I definitely recommend checking out the area if you have a chance. And catching a work day instead of a weekend will provide you with less people around, it’s what we’re looking for, right? 🙂

But firstly, why did we visit this magical location with Ivan? During the hike up we took time to discuss many things and spoke mainly about life, about decisions, helping mistreated wolfdogs and even about the definition of “soul freedom”. See, Ivan is a man who’s been through a lot and he’s seen a lot in his life. As a leader of Wolf Heart association he’s come across many obstacles and whoever helps mistreated animals cannot speak of such things with peace in their heart. His intentions and care for cooperation with a Rescue station were warmly appreciated by Vojta and Sona who are running a Rescue station located in the Czech Republic.

Life is about giving. There’s one old saying “If you never give and your hand is constantly clinched in a fist, you can’t receive either.” It’s no secret I love kindness. And it’s no secret that I love surrounding myself with beautiful souls and humans with humbleness in their heart. But how to reach a level of personal happiness and freedom while constantly being surrounded by enormous amount of pain and injustice?

“Simply. Life your every day like it’s your last.”

How else can we reach love and peace? Living every day like if it was your last one is freeing. By living like that, it doesn’t mean that we are irresponsible. It doesn’t mean that we do not get attached to those we love. It doesn’t mean that we wish for something to end. It simply means that we know the value of life and we cherish it. It means that we don’t allow anyone or anything taking that away from us.. whether it’s forced compromises, pointless arguments or artificially created dramas. We don’t live our life so that in 30 years from now we’d look back and regret we didn’t live certain moments or hug certain people.. or devote ourselves to our furry friends who see us as their world.

“And know what? Sometimes slowing down, taking deep breath and thanking for what we’ve already got… These are the moments we also live for.”


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